Hi my name is Despina
and garden design / maintenance is my passion. I have 15 years experience and can help you with ideas and problem solving in your garden. We are a dedicated.

Unique Garden Design prides itself on paying attention and understanding client needs with the utmost respect and detail, then offering customised individual designs and creations. Unique Garden Design aims to create for the client a most innovative, beautiful outdoor environment one could imagine. Design solutions are sought to combine values, practical needs and lifestyle demands whilst delivering a unique functional design. From conception through to documentation, I work as an independent advisor, and can, if required, liaise on a client’s behalf, with contractors and builders and suppliers. Compliant with the spirit and intent of each project, constant economical monitoring of cost, quality and time are necessary at each stage to achieve efficient solutions to fulfil the needs of each client. To achieve these services and provide complete satisfaction, Unique Garden Design divides the project into the following stages:

Stage 1: Consultation

We begin with an initial ‘consultation’ on site which is your opportunity to show me your environment, discuss your vision and to give me a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, requirements and budget. I will then prepare a brief to record what was discussed and send that and the contract to you. Once signed and returned, we proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Site Analysis

Digital images and measurements of your site will be taken and you will be required to supply me with the relevant plan/s or survey of your property in order for me to provide a more accurate and efficient service. You may be able to get copies from your architect, builder, engineer or local council. A ‘site analysis’ and  soil test  will be done to prepare for the base drawing.

Stage 3: Concept Drawings

Based on the design brief, I will develop ideas and prepare a concept presentation. Following this, we will meet to discuss concepts and materials. When you are pleased with the direction of the ‘concept plan’, you may appoint me to prepare working plans from which  to chosen Contractor can build the design.

Stage 4: Specifications Contractors

This document includes materials and sets out the plan and surface. At this stage, you have the option of seeking independent quotes. Alternatively, at your written request, I can do that for you, so we are reassured the cost is affordable, and if need be, modify the Concept at this stage. The construction cost will depend upon the individual site and scope of the design. This document is viewed by the Contractor on site and a quote will be determined in a reasonable time to be supplied to you, the client.

Stage 5: Final Design

A plant selection will be discussed and decided by viewing at a nursery or viewing books. The final illustration with the plants you have selected will be delivered to you. Following the completion of the plan, I will be able to over-see the project, seek quotes from Contractors to build the design and review the quotes with you. I will be pleased to suggest contractors I have worked with. However, if you choose your own team, I will be glad to liaise with them. To supervise the work, site visits are charged at my hourly rate. I supply the plants and can plant them for you.

Stage 6: Maintenance Plan

On completion of construction, I can discuss methods to care for and maintain your landscape. A maintenance program is recommended to preserve and enhance your investment, which I can furnish. ‘Before and After’ images will be presented for your enjoyment.

Contact details

Please do not hesitate to call Despina with any enquiries on 0402 520613 or Email despina (AT) uniquegdndesign.biz

FACE BOOK:https://www.facebook.com/UniqueGardenDesignsa

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